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The site aims to make people discover Provence in the broad sense, the markets are the approach of the moment, there are currently about 800 listed in the six departments of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur. Gradually the offer will be extended to hikes, recipes and interesting sites to visit , but it's a matter of years: in the south, ideas are allowed to mature over time. This does not prevent the markets from being updated regularly and the author of the site, André M. Winter , being open to any new proposal to make corrections to the new centennial or new photos.

There is a story behind this database of Provençal markets: André grew up in Cavalaire and often returns to the region. His wife Alex loves markets and we always had incomplete lists. We lacked information when moving between departments. So we moved from the paper list to spreadsheet software and as that was not enough with the timetables and the differences between summer and winter, we moved to a database that we put online in 2011, starting with the Var département. Then little by little all the departments of PACA followed. has no commercial vocation except for the few advertisements displayed here and there to contribute to the hosting costs of the server. The content of the site, the aggregation of information and the layout are protected by copyright. The photos are all reproduced with the consent of the authors if these photos were not originally free. This does not authorize anyone to reuse them for any purpose. Free photos, those under Creative Commons license or similar are all referenced with their author's name and the same license as the original applies to reproductions on this site.

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These people regularly contribute to the content of the website:

Besides these help us a multitude of friends on the spot in Provence by their indications and by accommodating us.

Many photographers, whether private or professional, have offered their photos and we thank them very much. The sources are indicated on each photo.

A multitude of municipalities and tourist offices are actively involved in maintaining this site up to date. A big thank you to these people committed to the region!

Since the availability of the function to leave comments in 2017, many users also provide valuable information that helps us to improve the informative offer. user data

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