The question does not arise when you know "your" hometown and the surrounding area. But even an inhabitant of Arles will not find himself in the markets of Marseille, so how will it be for smaller markets in the Provençal hinterland? Tourists will also want to organize their time well, visit villages and isn't it so much better on a market day, like for example Seyne-sur-Mer?

The site aims to make people discover Provence in the broad sense, the markets are the approach of the moment, there are currently 911 listed in the six departments of Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur. The offer is now also extended to hikes, interesting natural sites to visit and there are also some local recipes that are slow to grow. But it's a matter of years, in the south we let ideas mature over time. By that time a new category opened 2024 with mountain bike tours. This does not prevent the markets from being updated regularly and the author of the site, André M. Winter, being open to any new market proposal and to making corrections or new photos.

There is of course a personal story behind this markets database: I grew up in the south of France, in Cavalaire, and I am often in the region. My wife loves the markets there and we've only ever had paper lists with outdated information. We were completely clueless when we got to other departments. So the first step was to put the list into a spreadsheet program on the computer, but with the different opening times, the limits were soon reached. In 2011 it was transferred to a database, which then quickly went online with the Var department. The remaining departments of this region in south-eastern France slowly followed suit.

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